Giving a go to different techniques. Liked the fusion of the path tool VS chaotic brush strokes but still surprisingly well controlled together.

Meet McLaren M14
Canvas, Oil

You would pay only once for the perfume we've created, and receive a lifetime supply of it. 
The ownership rights will be handed over to your progeny after you pass away. It stays inside your family forever.

From the beginning of the project we knew whatever our team end up with we keep it simple. The more pure the form, the better the result. The fewer details the more classical the design becomes. What makes it particularly outstanding is an extremely reduced outer shape, which is a cylinder of glass with an inverted bullet shape that is nicely combined with an upper atomizer made of metal, representing a bullet case frozen in a block of ice. Due to a "reversed" attitude that we approached the project with, you will notice that all design happens where it is least expected - within inside. We called it "inside out design". Piece of glass that brings a feel of luxury when it is held and gives a look of elegance when placed on a surface. 
Shkinder Maksym in collaboration with Viktor Filipchenko

WAFT just released a sketch-book where each page contains a little art-work from lots of car designers around the World, including my friends, colleagues at McLaren and myself. Its handy size makes it incredibly comfortable to carry around. Besides it has enough of a blank space to be filled in with your thoughts and sketches where the greatest thing is others people inspiring stuff on every single page!

It’s available to order at

Coffee break

Got lucky to be published in a "tattoo ideas" magazine August issue, where I took part in T-shirt idea contest and was awarded a fifth place. Did not win anything though, nevertheless still joy to see my artwork in such a niche art profile where I never claimed to be known.

That's my cup of tea

Volume 1

Skoda Yeti Facelift 2013 - sketches (city edition)
As I was given a certain freedom to choose a style for this sketch, I had big fun while painting it indeed, and as a result ended up quite artisticly. It would be actually bloody difficult to replicate or represent steps I followed up on Photoshop, since it was pure experiment of mixing and applying filters which I nearly never knew what it will lead me to. Here we go. 
Skoda Rapid Spaceback.

Skoda Rapid Spaceback 2014

My little rock'N'roll sister just had a professional photo-shoot last weekend, so here is the outcome.
Photo by Slinky

As few of you might know my previous design background was product design. That is what I mostly devoted myself to in the past, and where I actually passed from into car-design, nearly by chance... Just because my tutor at university found my sketches reminding him of cars, after I was suggested to take attempt of designing vechicles.
Nowadays my past still finds its place :) 
Project was done in partnership with Andrey Vostrikov, who has been previously mentioned in older posts, a bright rising star of Russian Industrial Design.
It's only small part of whole process, where I had to design a multi-cooker device, which is sort of  smart pot which gives you certain flexibility and ability to be programmed in accordance with prefered recepies and conditions. Worth to say that this "gadget" is extremely popular on Russian market.