You would pay only once for the perfume we've created, and receive a lifetime supply of it. 
The ownership rights will be handed over to your progeny after you pass away. It stays inside your family forever.

From the beginning of the project we knew whatever our team end up with we keep it simple. The more pure the form, the better the result. The fewer details the more classical the design becomes. What makes it particularly outstanding is an extremely reduced outer shape, which is a cylinder of glass with an inverted bullet shape that is nicely combined with an upper atomizer made of metal, representing a bullet case frozen in a block of ice. Due to a "reversed" attitude that we approached the project with, you will notice that all design happens where it is least expected - within inside. We called it "inside out design". Piece of glass that brings a feel of luxury when it is held and gives a look of elegance when placed on a surface. 
Shkinder Maksym in collaboration with Viktor Filipchenko

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  1. Это. Просто. Очень. Круто. Макс.