As few of you might know my previous design background was product design. That is what I mostly devoted myself to in the past, and where I actually passed from into car-design, nearly by chance... Just because my tutor at university found my sketches reminding him of cars, after I was suggested to take attempt of designing vechicles.
Nowadays my past still finds its place :) 
Project was done in partnership with Andrey Vostrikov, who has been previously mentioned in older posts, a bright rising star of Russian Industrial Design.
It's only small part of whole process, where I had to design a multi-cooker device, which is sort of  smart pot which gives you certain flexibility and ability to be programmed in accordance with prefered recepies and conditions. Worth to say that this "gadget" is extremely popular on Russian market.


  1. Круто. Я как раз начал работать с Формлаб. Есть чем вдохновляться)

  2. Макс, ты просто машина! Когда ты все успеваешь?

  3. Спасибо ребят.
    Вань, я не успеваю!)