Hi everyone,
I would like to introduce you my project: “Abarth-23”
Actually, this is the final result of being study two years in IED (Turin) at Master of Art in Transportation Design. It took me about of 6 month to develop this concept from first rough scratch to last touch of 1:4 scale clay model.
There is no a particular story behind, no striking ideas concerning unbelievable technologies or amazing mix of latest scientists explorations. My goal was to create pure Italian design project, recognizable still as a brand and at the same time it was supposed to be exciting and modern.
Since this car has quite small dimensions (4000mm by 1500 by 1850) and it needed to be as much sporty as it might, I decided to use formula “1+1” (driver + passenger) which is apparently logical for this package.
After I established some boundaries and fixed some points, I started to play around the car.
During research process I found out that the Abarth was not a proper Italian brand as may be everyone guess. Well, in fact I was supposed to respect few main indicators:
1) Strong sport history
2) Brand identity
3) Unexpectable shape factor
I focused on an aero dynamic properties and door apertures as a main direction to go for.
As you can see I played a lot with different ways to open the doors. And I also studied some nowadays discoveries about “accelerating textures” (For instance a golf ball has exactly this effect due to those holes on top)
So, moving forward bit by bit I narrowed my path and simply concentrated on a style.


  1. I have no words.............awe... fanta....specta..

  2. stylish and emotionally!
    this is a very tasty delicacy;) I would like to see it on public roads!!!
    ...Maks you are the best creator.

  3. As we would say here in Brazil "Vixxx agora o bicho pegou!" very Nice work! Too expressive !

  4. Красавец Макс! Очень круто!! Все рассматриваю, хоть и не впервый раз вижу )))
    Сильный проект, смачные скетчи! да ты и сам мое мнение знаешь :D

  5. Thanks Guys! Hope I'll surprise you soon again.

    Спасибо Айдар! Ждем твой продж, обновленный! Так что не скромничай и давай ка его на публику! :)

  6. Смачный дэвайс вышел. Молодчик.

  7. hi buddy...
    my name is Cristiano
    nice jog..very good
    you don`t knou me
    i`m from brazil...i`m designer..
    can you give you personal email, i`d like to talk to you..
    take care
    my email is: cristianoantonello@hotmail.com

  8. отличный проект, Максим!!

  9. Класс, скетчи, финальный результат) ну сам знаешь, приятно еще раз было посмотреть.! Уважуха.!

  10. Hi Shkinder. My name is Simone, I've got a Panhard&Levassor and probably I met you in Novara near Turin in 2009 during the IED Course. Unfortunately I loose the contact of your Tutors.. I would like to see the projects of that year.. in the meantime, congratulations for your work: Very nice